Welcome to My Digital Desktop™.  Before the cloud there was light. My Digital Desktop™, worldwide leaders in Desktop Hosting for over 15 years that leave you with time to concentrate on more important things—like doing business.

ASP delivers personal and corporate desktops with any application to any device,  from anywhere. We not only host, but manage your business applications and network solutions and specialize in bringing big business solutions that are simple, inexpensive, and accessible to small businesses, software developers, and vendors.

As a turn-key provider of managed software hosting and IT outsourcing services. We deliver high availability and scalability to your enterprise regardless of your organizations size. We deliver all the benefits of web based and managed software services in a remote Digital Desktop™.

ASP provides all of the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department. Secure off-site data center, High-performance hardware, Total IT management, Outstanding help desk, Advanced security systems, Access from anywhere, Disaster recovery, Expert staff,  and much more.

Use Digital Desktop™, Digital Office™, or Digital Enterprise™ to outsource all your IT needs. Get new and remote offices working together easily. Integrate diverse branch office platforms and technologies into a cohesive enterprise network without the delays growing companies don’t need. ASP Infrastructure Solutions simplify and streamline the integration of disparate business systems and offer secure communications.