My Digital Desktop™ – Doing Our Part for the Environment

Green Hosting SolutionsAs a hosting provider we understand the impact and the strain on resources that can be consumed on a daily basis. That is why we steadfastly maintain a strong commitment to the environment, both through charitable work and support of  local and national causes as well as careful implementation in our everyday operational practices. We and many of our clients no longer commute to and from the office and those that do can significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon fingerprint by eliminating sever and network infrastructure from the workplace.

We are striving to be both environmentally responsible, as well as promote solutions that can benefit everyone in ensuring we have a healthy planet for ages to come. To reduce air pollution we choose to use renewable energy sources, such as wind power, whenever available. We also practice conservation on a company scale, with recycling programs, and employee education at all our offices and facilities. We offer customers Virtualization options to help maximize their computing potential with an overall lower space requirement and energy consumption. We also make regular procedure reviews and physical upgrades to our infrastructure with the latest efficient technologies to ensure that we make the most of every opportunity to minimize our own impact on the environment in all our marketing, and the surrounding communities.

Current My Digital Desktop™ Green Initiatives include:

  • - Utilizing clean, renewable, wind power energy programs
  • - Deployment of high efficiency cooling units which have yielded in excess of 50% in total energy savings
  • - Preference toward clean chilled water systems for cooling over direct expansion systems
  • - Through geographic planning, we have maximized the use of free cooling/ambient air opportunities
  • - Regular Thermal analysis and reviews to ensure effective cooling throughout the data center facilities
  • - Specialized Hot/Cold aisle management & ducted air return to optimize, and reduce the need for additional cooling units
  • - Strict recycling programs at all facilities – Approximately one ton of cardboard is recycled every month
  • - Utilization of high efficiency lighting throughout all facilities
  • - New construction and expansion projects that promote the use of recycled building materials
  • - Server Virtualization strategy to enable long-term efficiency and decrease the average deployment size by 20%