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Friday Notebook, February 15: What will Apple do about sideloading and rogue enterprise certs?

Also: A closer look at Idaptive, AetherPal, Google accounts, and client virtualization; and other notes from the week.

Client virtualization, part 1: Is it the past or the future? (With a retrospective on XenClient)

Part 1 examines why type-1 (bare metal) hypervisor is the way to go, and uses XenClient XT as an example of why early efforts failed.

Idaptive officially launches their “Next-Gen Access Cloud” IDaaS platform

Next-Gen Access Cloud has a new architecture, and Idaptive will continue to expand its machine learning capabilities.

Friday Notebook, February 1: Jamf Connect Azure AD password sync; audit your Apple enterprise apps

Also: Jamf growth; mobile SSO; Chrome extensions; cloud gaming; Windows Sandbox; VDI performance; Mosyle; iOS 12.2; and more!

Run potentially sketchy apps in the Windows Sandbox

Install questionable or untrusted apps and open suspicious attachments in Microsoft’s new virtualized container: Windows Sandbox.

Cloud game streaming (like VDI for gaming) is coming—Time to re-apply all the lessons we learned

Will it work and bring a form of remote computing to the masses? Who knows! But we can anticipate some of the questions that will come up.

VDI Like a Pro team announces VDI Performance survey results

Evidently, just because your desktop is in the cloud doesn’t mean it will always perform at its best.

Friday Notebook, January 25: Office 365 is finally in the Mac App Store

Also: Jamf Connect; Defining conditional access; MSIX; iOS apps and BYOD; MTD data from Symantec; Citrix earnings; IGEL; CloudJumper growth, and more.

Conditional access (zero trust) is the most important EUC movement since mobile and cloud

How do we put together the “any-any-any” message we’ve been hearing for years? With access policies that take the device, user, app, risks, and other factors into account.

Talking to Ericom’s new CEO about Ericom Shield and cloud security

Incoming CEO David Canellos has a background in the cloud/web/SaaS security space, which is indicative of the potential in Ericom Shield.

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