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A technical introduction to Citrix Cloud Federated Authentication Service

Citrix just released Cloud-Enabled Federated Authentication Service (FAS) in Tech Preview. Jo Harder delves into federation to help you determine if and how this new feature may benefit you.

Google Safe Browsing can differ between desktop and mobile. Why?

Google continues to address security issues, but their blacklist service, Google Safe Browsing, doesn’t provide equal protection for desktop and mobile.

Friday Notebook, June 28: Identiverse 2019; G Suite protections; Raspberry Pi 4

Also: Google Cloud Print; Identiverse 2019; password-less future; SSCM; IGEL growth; and more.

Google Cloud Print – A poor man’s printing solution, or is it?

Bas van Kaam’s printing series continues with one of the less-discussed options.

Friday Notebook, June 21: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1906

Also: iOS 13, Parallels RAS 17; Citrix Gateway; security key patching; Cameyo; Citrix Managed Desktop; and more.

Bring your own Citrix Gateway to Citrix Cloud…or not

Adding basic Citrix Gateway functionality to a Citrix Cloud implementation is literally a one-button option, but what about when you have more complex requirements?

Parallels releases Remote Application Server 17

Not to be confused with Parallels Desktop.

More notes from Citrix Synergy 2019: Cloud resilience, UEM strategy, IGEL, Samsung, and more

Also including Flexxible IT and eG Innovations.

Citrix Cloud management adoption relies on integration, features

Before organizations adopt Citrix Cloud management for their virtual desktops and apps, they must familiarize themselves with the platform’s strengths, newest features and limits.

Client virtualization still has its fans and use cases: A look at Hysolate and Qubes OS

Isolation starting from the operating system is one way to ensure data protection without restricting user productivity.

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