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What are the benefits of on-premises hosting for virtual desktops?

IT shouldn’t overlook the benefits of on-premises desktop hosting, such as more choices for virtualization software. Cloud-hosted desktops also fall short in areas such as infrastructure control.

Google Cloud Next 2019 starts today—Here are the questions we’re asking

Google already affects almost every part of IT; Google Cloud has ambitions to become an enterprise giant, as well.

VDI image optimizers: Always useful, and now even more important

Thanks to Windows 10 and the cloud, you’re probably spending more time working on optimization than ever before.

Kevin Goodman talks Windows Virtual Desktop – Podcast #138

Is Windows Virtual Desktop a faster horse? What does it really mean for our industry? What is Kevin up to? Listen now to hear about all this and more!

Friday Notebook, March 29: Cloud gaming streaming vendors are learning old VDI lessons

Also: Workspace ONE updates; Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops updates; Jamf Connect; FSLogix; Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus; Windows Virtual Desktop; and UEM for UEM.

What customers need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop

WVD brings distinct advantages to the table, with a few caveats.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops gets UX, security upgrades

Citrix continues to add new capabilities to its cloud products, but getting consumers to adopt as-a-service offerings remains a hurdle.

Friday Notebook, March 22: FSLogix freed; Windows Virtual Desktop preview; Apple and SAML

Also: iOS 12.2; Horizon 7.8; Intune updates; Blue Cedar funding; speaking events; and much more!

‘VDI’ for the masses: Recapping Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud game streaming news

The announcements left me with questions, but I’m still excited to learn more about both!

Citrix Cloud identity features are still up in the air

We appreciate Citrix’s move towards identity, but there’s still a lot of manual work to do in many cases, which erodes some Citrix Cloud benefits.

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