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3 districts that battled malware–and won–with endpoint security

It’s not exactly a secret that most educational institutions are vulnerable to data breaches and security hacks. All it takes is one attack to freeze school operations and disrupt learning, to say nothing of putting sensitive data and private information at risk. Being proactive is better than being reactive, and one of the biggest proactive […]

Challenge-Based Learning helps students guide their science exploration

A Challenge-Based Learning model pioneered by Apple is now helping teachers engage middle school students in deep learning through projects that combine developing questions, investigating scientific phenomena, and solving problems in their classrooms, schools, and communities. In a recent edWebinar, Anthony Baker, project director for Digital Promise, which has further developed and researched the Challenge-Based […]

Predictive analytics are key to keeping our kids in school

High school graduation rates have reached record highs in recent years. Yet, one matter remains clear: there’s still a lot of work to be done. More than 1.2 million students drop out each year and the graduation-rate gap between low-income students and non-low-income students reaches double digits in nearly every state. We face an unfortunate […]

Safe and healthy students are a top priority

A new survey demonstrates a critical need for continued federal investment in a fund that helps schools address the non-academic needs having a dramatic influence on student learning and achievement. The Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) program is designed as a flexible funding block grant and is flexible enough that schools can use it […]

My district’s “Paperless First Day” challenge

In my district, Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, more than 33,000 students have their attendance taken across 40 locations during the school day. While we took attendance online for years, we still relied on paper processes for identifying and submitting student “no-show” lists, which often took our staff a week to sort through. Our district […]

Here’s how to upgrade your firewall before your school gets hacked!

In 2018, there were 122 publicly-disclosed cybersecurity incidents that affected 119 public K-12 education agencies across 38 states. Even more alarming—those are just the attacks that were reported. The clock is ticking and time is the essence. You have on average 19 minutes to detect an initial intrusion, investigate it, and eject the attacker from […]

6 strategies to engage girls in computer science

The nation needs to engage more minorities and girls in computer science if it hopes to build a diverse and talented workforce–after all, great ideas and innovation don’t lie exclusively within white men’s brains. There has in recent years been a louder and more resounding call for girls to enter the coding world. This call […]

How educator micro-credentials support PL

All educators are lifelong learners, whether they’re figuring out how to incorporate the latest edtech device into their lessons or researching bios on NBA players to help a reluctant reader. But while schools expect teachers to continue their education, most only get rewarded for getting an advanced degree like a master’s or a Ph.D. Now, […]

5 new strategies to integrate digital content into classroom instruction

For the past decade of my career, I’ve worked to empower and inspire educators in their use of digital content and technology. From teaching educators in graduate level courses and delivering school level professional development to producing digital learning content and designing educational products and services, my career has had one common purpose: to learn […]

Here’s how to put coding and robotics programs in K-8 classrooms

Coding and robotics programs in classrooms reflect how integral technology is in our lives. Educators like Angie Kalthoff, a technology integrationist in St. Cloud, MN, and Ann Bartel, an instructional technology specialist in Chilton, WI, teach K-8 students about technology through coding and computer science programs that incorporate the 4Cs of learning: collaboration, creativity, critical […]

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