A few strategies can help teachers take stock of their spring virtual learning experiences and get ready for whatever fall holds

As a certified virtual teacher for the past three years, my life and general routine has changed very little since school closures were put into effect in March.

That being said, it was heartbreaking to watch the mass majority of teachers adjust to virtual teaching with little guidance or preparation. With the school year wrapping up, summer will look very different for teachers who are now left wondering how they should prepare for September; will they continue distance learning? Will they return to their classrooms?

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With all this uncertainty around what the new school year will look like, being a virtual teacher allows me to share some of my knowledge of how teachers can prepare themselves over the summer for a possible fully-remote September, or even a hybrid scenario of both in-person and distance learning.

Your mental health

Prior to the viral outbreak, teachers were already struggling with mental health issues. Taking care of ourselves became a platitude we posted on the wall of our classroom and then promptly forgot. Unfortunately, our love for students doesn’t negate the anxiety, loss of time, and exhaustion that come with teaching during a global pandemic.

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