Nothing Cloudy about data..

Nothing Cloudy about data..

Managed Data Solutions are data solutions that take on the tasks that must be done in order to protect and maximize your information assets.

My Digital Desktop takes data storage seriously. We store your data on reliable redundant devices and backup your data with real time,  snapshot and vault storage.  Your data can be stored in a variety of ways and a tailored data recovery plan is created specific to your needs.  Our expert IT staff will assist you in balancing accessibility,  frequency, and longevity, to create the optimum backup for your mission critical and long-term storage.

One size does not fit all…

Data, Backups, and Disaster Recovery is like insurance and you should never be under or over insured.  With My Digital Desktop you are able to choose the plan that meets your needs , considers your business and industry requirements,  and provides the most cost effective solution.

  • Acessability: Your data recovery plan can allow users can restore their own data or have our expert staff manage your data recovery plan and restores.
  • Frequency:  Increased frequency can impact performance and decrease longevity.  Decreased frequency impacts choice of what to restore.
  • Longevity: Your business may require daily, monthly, quarterly,  and yearly backups.

All backups are not equal…

When comparing hosts the devil is in the details. My Digital Desktop offers data management services to help you organize your data in a way that is not only easy to access but best leverages your storage and data recovery plan.

  • Files: Documents, spreadsheets, etc.  are generally small but usually exist in grate quantities
  • Database: Shared Databases are usually large and may need only one backup a day or transaction level backups for financial systems and applications.
  • Mail: Mail backups are different depending on the mail system.

Your Data belongs to you…

Some cloud hosting requires you to request a copy of your data. At My Digital Desktop you are not held hostage and we make sure you have a variety of ways to retrieve your data

  • Drive Mapping: At your discretion,  we map the local drives and storage devices into the remote desktop so data can be moved with a simple copy / paste.
  • Vault Mapping: We provide a secured folder in the remote desktop for large data transfers and long term storage which can be accessed via secure FTP.
  • External Mapping: We can provide access to third party corporate data and storage services.