Keep you head out of the clouds with Managed Desktop Hosting.

Keep you head out of the clouds with Managed Desktop Hosting.

My Digital Desktop© – Reduce or eliminate installation, maintenance, and support your personal computer without changing the way you work. The hosted Windows Desktop can be accessed from any computer or terminal with an internet connection.

Personal Desktop Hosting – My Personal Desktop© for single users or small business that need desktop hosting with Microsoft Office Standard Edition but do not need additional applications, custom configuration, training, and support.

Business Desktop Hosting –  My Business Desktop© for small and medium businesses that need desktop hosting with Microsoft Office Professional Edition. Small And Medium businesses also have additional applications that are an integral part of their business process that require configuration, integration, training, and support.

Education Desktop Hosting –  My Education Desktop© for qualified students and institutions that need desktop hosting with Microsoft Office Education Edition. We specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and educational software licensing to enhance the educational experience of students and institutions by bringing new and innovative computing solutions into the classroom while working to help save money for students and school districts.

What is Desktop Hosting?
Managing computers and laptops for your business can consume significant resources. Updating desktop software, setting security policies, and providing day-to-day support for basic applications requires time that your IT staff, if you have one, could invest in projects that actively build your business. Hosted desktop solutions free your business staff to focus on their priorities. Hosted desktop solutions free your IT staff to keep your overall business IT running smoothly.

What is Managed Desktop Hosting?
Managed Desktop Hosting provides all of the advantages of a hosted desktop without your IT staff being required to implement and maintain your solution. The Managed Hosted Desktop Solutions connect you with qualified staff who specialize in in the creation and maintenance of hosted desktop solutions. You can work with them to implement a consistent solution across your company while also meeting your unique business requirements.

Benefits of Desktop Hosting

  • Near-instant provisioning of new desktops
  • Near-zero downtime in the event of hardware failures
  • Significant reduction in the cost of new application deployment
  • Robust desktop image management capabilities
  • Normal 2-3 year PC refresh cycle extended to 5–6 years or more
  • Existing desktop-like performance including multiple monitors, bi-directional audio/video, streaming video, USB support etc.
  • Ability to access the users’ enterprise desktop environment from any PC, (including the employee’s home PC)
  • Desktop computing power on demand
  • Multiple desktops on demand
  • Self provisioning of desktops (controlled by policies)