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Virtual Desktop Hosting for nonprofit, fundraisers, schools, and volunteers

Nonprofit institutions are in a perpetual struggle to support increasing demands with limited and often declining IT budgets. In response, we have desktop solutions that extend virtual Managed Website Software Hostingdesktop access to the entire organization, while reducing and eliminating the operating costs of managing desktops, servers, and networks.

A recent survey found that 82 percent of nonprofit IT professionals see desktop virtualization as a solution for cost reduction and better use of IT resources.

We work with our nonprofit clients to reduce the cost of technology:

  1. Hosted desktops are the answer to the replacement dilemma during this time of budget constraints.
  2. Nonprofits can provide equitable access with existing equipment.
  3. Don’t fore-go technology initiatives for lack of adequate equipment.

Nonprofits are constantly balancing the need to provide consistent and up-to-date desktops for administration, operations, accounting and volunteers with limited hardware, staffing, and budget resources. My Nonprofit Desktop™ hosting removes the task of continual updates, maintenance, and management of desktop computers and servers. This allows Nonprofit institutions and individuals to focus on other important responsibilities instead of the hassles of maintaining desktop computers.

Nonprofits using a Desktops as a Service virtual hosting approach are able to:

  1. Move desktop expense to OpEx instead of CapEx – Since we host desktops as a service, much of the cost may be budgeted as operations expenditure. This keeps the cost of desktop computers in the budget year in which the service is consumed and eliminates some of the capital expenditures required.
  2. Special Licensing – We are able to assist Nonprofit and educational institutions with special licensing  and funding for your Desktops as a Service.
  3. Reduce desktop support costs – By hosting desktops in our data center, the computing power and software is running on our servers with minimal hardware required in your organization. This allows for the use of older, often donated computers with everyone having a consistent user experience and delays or eliminates the need for updating your workstations and servers.
  4. Reduce power consumption – Nonprofits may use thin clients greatly reducing the power consumption and power costs while supporting their “green initiatives”.

Computers have become a requirement in nonprofit organizations for volunteers, faculty, and staff but all have different functional needs. There are many ways a nonprofit institutions may benefit from hosting desktops as a service including:

  1. Re-purpose existing or older computers with minimal specifications which may be used to provide access to My Nonprofit Desktop™. This eliminates wasting old machines in and allows a longer life cycle of existing equipment dramatically reducing costs.
  2. Office, home, or in the field computer desktop access for faculty, staff, and volunteers may be provided with the latest software and a consistent user experience regardless of the age of the computer. All users can have the latest and same version of software without costly and time consuming upgrades.
  3. Faculty, staff, and volunteer desktop refresh can be accomplished without replacing individual computers and software. This allows upgrades to be done quickly and consistently without maintenance on every machine.
  4. Remote access for users to their nonprofit desktop is available from their home computer without any special software or support. This relieves your IT staff of any support burden.
  5. Green initiatives utilizing low cost thin client workstations allow schools to participate in both power and cost savings programs while also supporting environmental concerns.