Managed Cloud Hosting Services, Dedicated Servers with Dedicated People Supporting Them

My Digital Desktop™ is a fully managed hosting solution.  We learn you business processes and provide all the equipment, software, staff, training, support, and infrastructure necessary on a per user basis that expands and contracts as your business requires. This allows you to reduce costs, increase productivity, and focus on your core competencies.  We also realize that one solution doesn’t fit everyone’s needs so we provide four layers of service and allow you to choose the service level that best fits your needs.

I. As a co-location provider we are responsible for the fully redundant security, fire protection, power management, temperature control, network provisioning and connectivity. Co-location means you have your own servers and cost effective IT staff capable of maintaining your network. You gain all of the benefits of a world class network operating center (NOC) and expenses are based solely on rack space requirements, power consumption, and bandwidth usage.

II. As a managed hosting provider, we provide and are responsible for the data center, network, devices, operating system and application infrastructure components. We provide all the equipment and staff for a stable operating environment for your applications. We manage your servers and application infrastructure and maintain the operating system and application infrastructure.

III. As an IT hosting provider we actually go a step further and include the management of your desktop applications. We include the licensing and upgrades of many desktop applications like Microsoft Office.

IV. Fully outsourced hosting provides more value than co-location, dedicated hosting, and Managed hosting because it inlcudes all of the other hosting services and frees more of your personnel from mundane infrastructure related tasks, personnel that can now be reallocated to understanding and supporting your business more effectively. Fully outsourced hosting also provides greater responsiveness than manged solutions because it emphasizes a flexible bottom up and top down approach to delivering value that puts you in control of your application infrastructure.